How to Become a Buddha

When people tell me to meditate I always think, I am. All the time. I’m a walking meditation; I stare off into space, I think about space, I’m careful to never lose sight of the cosmic picture creating the backdrop to even the smallest conversations… “Wow Easter bunnies for sale?” “Of all the random occurrences … More How to Become a Buddha


~Originally Posted Here. I’m sharing this blog post on FindingFelicity because it speaks about a larger issue. Yes, here on FindingFelicity we focus on bringing awareness to patient autonomy, AML and bone marrow donations. But there is merit in awareness and activism in other social issues, such as violence against women. I had a conversation … More Boundaries


YouTube is hosting a spotlight, featuring videos of what you’d tell the younger version of yourself. This venture is called #DearMe. Everyone, (this includes the young boys out there too) suffers from different social idiosyncrasies as they grow up. Whether it be an eating disorder, body hate, bullying, schools and grades, family issues, social injustices … More #DearMe