Will you Trust like a fork. In different ways. Hug like a spoon. With all your heart. Love like a knife. Steady, sharp and intense. Think about it, Lift your feet up, Pull away from the edge. Leap, Unclench your teeth Loosen your grasp Jump with your mind Body Soul Be whole If you live … More Cutlery


Breathe. Be calm. This heart opened up and shared with me its depth. Dark. Hopes. Fears.Tears. Once a breeze. Now? What is it? Sit. Wait. Patient. Be still. I’ll tell… *** You. Pusssshhhhhhhhh yourself. shouldn’t be too hard, your dream is only an inch away from your stretched hopes. Hey! Get your dirty hands off … More Push

Me & Him

In Philadelphia: ~Part 2~ **A continuation from Peel Rubber. If a street could be eloquent with words, then I think I’d fall in love with it. Other than speech it has everything I need; noise, aggression, unexpected happenstance and colour. It has a lot of colour. I love it. He and I. Me and him, we were … More Me & Him

Peel Rubber

In Philadelphia: ~Part 1~ The cacophony of honks, shouts, winds, buses from the streets of the city are enough to make you re-think your decisions, or not think about them at all. We turned it into music and for one, insane night we seemed to detach ourselves from ourselves and go for broke, you know? … More Peel Rubber