Buts about Brave

What is bravery? A question I ask myself often. Usually when walking alone down dark alleys, when talking to homeless people, going to Martial Arts classes, traveling to different countries, meeting strangers with twitchy eyes. Maybe asking for another fork cause I dropped my first one, getting yelled at by obnoxious drunkards, or eating Cheetos … More Buts about Brave

Sliced Bread

In Philadelphia ~Part 3~ “To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.” ~Oscar Wilde Continued from Me & Him The amount of pressure a person puts on their feet every single moment is enough to weigh the world down. It’s a heavy load. With all of the rules … More Sliced Bread

Loss, Grief, Pain, Suffering, Life, and Plot Twists

Written By Enya Harris from Melbourne, Australia. Thank you Enya for your words 😉 Bars, alcohol, drugs, sex, sleep, and even television, are all distractions. After a relationship ends, there is a moment where there is no escape, just you and your emotions. Emotions so heavy they cause your heart to contract. Your body begins … More Loss, Grief, Pain, Suffering, Life, and Plot Twists