**Poison Pie Column**

More like a Pirate less like a queen ~Or more like a queen less like a pirate~ An archetype personality exists in the collective mind of society, the communal mind of all of us together. Inherited through language and images, these unconscious ideas and patterns universally present themselves in the individual psyche. And sometimes these … More **Poison Pie Column**

*The Poison Pie Column*

The 7 Wonders of Wonder ~How Wonder Improves your Life~ Written By: 戴梦 Martina “Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment.”-Rumi “Clever, clever girl,” he said walking away, unimpressed. He never liked my cleverness. It won me zero points on the attractive scale, despite my firm conviction that being smart outweighed beauty. However, being clever differs from … More *The Poison Pie Column*