~Lykke & Eudaimonia

It’s been three weeks since the death of one of the most hilarious men in the world. Of course you know I’m talking about Robin Williams.  The amount of hilarity the man produced in the world was unprecedented, and yet he was unhappy. How on earth can this be the case when he was responsible … More ~Lykke & Eudaimonia

Is it Random or Fate?

~A Discussion on Bone Marrow Transplants~ Located in your bone marrow, Hematopoietic stem cells eventually make the components of blood. Similar to embryonic stem cells, hematopoietic stem cells are categorized into four types: pluripotent, totipotent, multipotent or unipotent (1). Their potency depends on how far in their development they exist, whether they can become anything … More Is it Random or Fate?

Limbs 2.1

Us happy people gotta stick together. I depend heavily on my family and my friends whom I ask  to send anything on happiness, or motivation, how they find it all in the name of life and being able to live it. I am very grateful to them for their participation. If you’d like to do so please…drop … More Limbs 2.1

*Chalkboard Gold*

 Photographed by: Alanah Galloway I requested this little gem from Alanah, who our family has known since…a ways back in Port Perry, where we grew up. She has always been such beautiful friend and a lovely support. Thank you Alanah! Us happy people gotta stick together. I depend heavily on my family and my friends … More *Chalkboard Gold*

Quirky Felicity: 7 Reasons For Authenticity

 “Moments are ephemeral. Will you spend them under a cloud, throwing shade or frowning? Or soaking up the sun, creating light and showing all your teeth in the widest grin?” FindingFelicity’s Description (…again) Less thought; more feeling. Thought as an organic form isn’t negative, no. Over-thinking, however, can cause a person so see things that … More Quirky Felicity: 7 Reasons For Authenticity

Beijing Being

Spread the word. From Emma Jaay comes Beijing Being. Spread the happiness (which can exist even when you live in a foreign place and will always be foreign). Please feel free to email emj.emmajohnston@gmail.com with questions, comments and your support. Us happy people have to stick together. ~FindingFelicity

*Music Quietens

A Random Beijing Morning (About 3 months ago…) I wake up to the sound of my alarm, an incessant beeping. I hit the buzzer and lower the volume. I’m “awake”, swing my legs over the bed and place my feet on the cold tile. The slight shock of the temperature causes me to grit my teeth. … More *Music Quietens