Sins and Secrets

I used to keep a stack of ‘Sin’ flashcards in my coat pocket. Gluttony. Selfishness. Anger. Sloth. Greed. Lust. Envy. Pride. Wrath. Neglect. Vanity. Deception. And I’d take them out and go over them, thinking how horrible I’d been that day, ranking them in order of which defined me best. When I talked to people, … More Sins and Secrets

Buts about Brave

What is bravery? A question I ask myself often. Usually when walking alone down dark alleys, when talking to homeless people, going to Martial Arts classes, traveling to different countries, meeting strangers with twitchy eyes. Maybe asking for another fork cause I dropped my first one, getting yelled at by obnoxious drunkards, or eating Cheetos … More Buts about Brave

~A People’s Person

Following the general theme of DaiMeng Martina’s awesome post titled The Flip Side regarding affirming people and the perceptions of the individuals in our life. I’ll take this in a slightly different path…you’ll see by the end of the post. These days, the word on the street is embracing your self-expression and it’s okay to be different. Embrace … More ~A People’s Person