Valentine’s Day Reading List for Singles

If, like me, you’ve never found yourself with a significant other on February 14th, you’ve probably saved yourself a lot of money over the years. You’ve probably also had a lot of wildly varying feelings about Valentine’s Day. Or maybe not, maybe you’re cool and calm and collected and utterly unfazed by little things like … More Valentine’s Day Reading List for Singles

Sins and Secrets

I used to keep a stack of ‘Sin’ flashcards in my coat pocket. Gluttony. Selfishness. Anger. Sloth. Greed. Lust. Envy. Pride. Wrath. Neglect. Vanity. Deception. And I’d take them out and go over them, thinking how horrible I’d been that day, ranking them in order of which defined me best. When I talked to people, … More Sins and Secrets


Let me break it down. Previous to welcoming in 2015 I was involved in a few episodes that were less than pretty. A car accident, a victim of major money fraud, to name a few. I was sitting on the toilet in the Tap & Tankard, telling myself that this year wouldn’t be like last year. This year, I’d take over. Whatever that means. They started the count down and before I new I ushered in the New Year while sitting in bathroom stall, reading graffiti. Bound for greatness am I. … More Innocent.

Buts about Brave

What is bravery? A question I ask myself often. Usually when walking alone down dark alleys, when talking to homeless people, going to Martial Arts classes, traveling to different countries, meeting strangers with twitchy eyes. Maybe asking for another fork cause I dropped my first one, getting yelled at by obnoxious drunkards, or eating Cheetos … More Buts about Brave

2014 in 5 Words

I’ve been trying out this new thing called Twitter. Maybe you’ve heard of it? It’s got this concept called the “hashtag” to make you more discoverable. I’m on the “twitter-sphere” and I be tweeting away but sometimes I just can’t get the flow. You know? Well, a new “hashtag” has been floating around in the … More 2014 in 5 Words

Me & Him

In Philadelphia: ~Part 2~ **A continuation from Peel Rubber. If a street could be eloquent with words, then I think I’d fall in love with it. Other than speech it has everything I need; noise, aggression, unexpected happenstance and colour. It has a lot of colour. I love it. He and I. Me and him, we were … More Me & Him

Peel Rubber

In Philadelphia: ~Part 1~ The cacophony of honks, shouts, winds, buses from the streets of the city are enough to make you re-think your decisions, or not think about them at all. We turned it into music and for one, insane night we seemed to detach ourselves from ourselves and go for broke, you know? … More Peel Rubber

~Well Well Chanel

A few months ago I wrote a post in complete and utter anger to Coco Chanel in regards to something she always used to say; “Don’t spend time beating on a wall, hoping it will transform into a door.” No, I’m not taking my words back at all. In fact, f**k you Coco Chanel for your … More ~Well Well Chanel


Mine and my sisters’ mother was quite literally the bees knees, cat’s pyjamas, the peas to my father’s carrots and the cherry on top of our family’s sundae. A world of metaphors, clichés, colloquialisms won’t describe how much she meant to us and to the people who knew her and loved her. Her memory won’t … More Squeezes