100 Years of Healthcare Reform (Pt 1)

A history of American Healthcare Reform. Society Evolves. We are no more defined in any moment by our obligation to neighbor and community than any moment is defined by the continual and exponential advancement of technology sustained since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. The United States declared independence only 240 years ago. Our first … More 100 Years of Healthcare Reform (Pt 1)


Let me break it down. Previous to welcoming in 2015 I was involved in a few episodes that were less than pretty. A car accident, a victim of major money fraud, to name a few. I was sitting on the toilet in the Tap & Tankard, telling myself that this year wouldn’t be like last year. This year, I’d take over. Whatever that means. They started the count down and before I new I ushered in the New Year while sitting in bathroom stall, reading graffiti. Bound for greatness am I. … More Innocent.