Sins and Secrets

I used to keep a stack of ‘Sin’ flashcards in my coat pocket. Gluttony. Selfishness. Anger. Sloth. Greed. Lust. Envy. Pride. Wrath. Neglect. Vanity. Deception. And I’d take them out and go over them, thinking how horrible I’d been that day, ranking them in order of which defined me best. When I talked to people, … More Sins and Secrets

*The Poison Pie Column*

Of Crows and other Creatures Written By: 戴梦 Martina “A man’s heart away from Nature becomes hard…lack of respect for growing, living things soon leads to a lack of respect for humans too.”-Luther Standing Bear “Whenever we went camping I couldn’t wait to go home,” I’ve admitted, recalling fond memories of Algonquin Park canoe trips.  One … More *The Poison Pie Column*

A Moment with Ai

“Creativity is the power to reject the past, to change the status quo, and seek new potential.” ~Ai Weiwei, 艾未未 If you don’t know…You should. After close to three years in the Jing; I came back to Port Perry and examined myself to see if I’d changed any.  Any definite indications of character development.  So far, … More A Moment with Ai