Swimming in the Now

~Thoughts on finding my autonomy. Stephan MR. Covey stands up, raises both his hands in a sweeping gesture and says, “You know the saying, that fish discover water last. They’re so immersed in it, so close to it, they hardly know that they’re swimming in it. Humans are like that with trust.” Not twenty minutes … More Swimming in the Now

And More

Us happy people gotta stick together. Giving won’t bring my mother back it will let someone else keep theirs. Please check out blood.ca to find a clinic and give. Oh hello hi! Have a Happiness Experience you’d like to share? Well share it here by sending me an email (triciamariadm@gmail.com). AND after you’ve done that the paradigm … More And More

~Soulfully Single~

Here are some lovely words from the inspiring Brittany Tasch. When I was but a young freshman or first year at Messiah College, Brittany was mine and about 20 other young ladies’ first RA. She was our guide to understanding life starting somewhere new. She is such an encouragement! Thank you for your wonderful words … More ~Soulfully Single~