Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow…or with Cancer?

~A Commentary on Romance, Life and Cancer~ Cancer statistics grow boring. Anyone can look around and see its prevalence: magazine covers, blog articles, a relative’s unexpected diagnosis, a friend’s predicted one, a coworker takes leave off work, a distant acquaintance mentioned in a conversation, “Oh did you hear? She died last year of cancer.” Not … More Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow…or with Cancer?

How to Become a Buddha

When people tell me to meditate I always think, I am. All the time. I’m a walking meditation; I stare off into space, I think about space, I’m careful to never lose sight of the cosmic picture creating the backdrop to even the smallest conversations… “Wow Easter bunnies for sale?” “Of all the random occurrences … More How to Become a Buddha

Buts about Brave

What is bravery? A question I ask myself often. Usually when walking alone down dark alleys, when talking to homeless people, going to Martial Arts classes, traveling to different countries, meeting strangers with twitchy eyes. Maybe asking for another fork cause I dropped my first one, getting yelled at by obnoxious drunkards, or eating Cheetos … More Buts about Brave

Butt No Thang

Question: Could Kim’s butt be a saving grace? There are still so many mixed emotions about this subject, lots of negativity, lots of stereotypes and lots of internet browsing…or can the internet still be browsed if it’s broken? Let me be bare bones here for a post. Literally let me strip down, oil up and show … More Butt No Thang

Sliced Bread

In Philadelphia ~Part 3~ “To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.” ~Oscar Wilde Continued from Me & Him The amount of pressure a person puts on their feet every single moment is enough to weigh the world down. It’s a heavy load. With all of the rules … More Sliced Bread

**Poison Pie Column**

More like a Pirate less like a queen ~Or more like a queen less like a pirate~ An archetype personality exists in the collective mind of society, the communal mind of all of us together. Inherited through language and images, these unconscious ideas and patterns universally present themselves in the individual psyche. And sometimes these … More **Poison Pie Column**

Me & Him

In Philadelphia: ~Part 2~ **A continuation from Peel Rubber. If a street could be eloquent with words, then I think I’d fall in love with it. Other than speech it has everything I need; noise, aggression, unexpected happenstance and colour. It has a lot of colour. I love it. He and I. Me and him, we were … More Me & Him