Empower Your Mind

~An open perspective on healthcare~ Healthcare used to be a blind dictation given by the doctor. Patients knew little of their own demise or that of a loved one. “Doctor knows best,” used to be the prevailing attitude, where patients never presumed responsibility for knowledge of their conditions, treatment or prognosis. Perhaps fear kept patients … More Empower Your Mind

Wrap it up in Red

Blood. I really do love it. I consider it one of my life’s passions, along with woman’s rights, writing, orchids and baby foxes. The last two are temporary obsessions. But blood…that’ll be a long-term distraction, up until the day I die. Why? Because you know those sand time clocks (also known as hour glasses)? The … More Wrap it up in Red

Type Altruistic

It’s November 25th 2014, one month left until that time that’s supposed to bring families all together, bring light and life where there isn’t any. This is the time when we listen to same Christmas music over and over again, when artists gather together and record a song to raise money for something, this year’s … More Type Altruistic