Swimming in the Now

~Thoughts on finding my autonomy. Stephan MR. Covey stands up, raises both his hands in a sweeping gesture and says, “You know the saying, that fish discover water last. They’re so immersed in it, so close to it, they hardly know that they’re swimming in it. Humans are like that with trust.” Not twenty minutes … More Swimming in the Now

You are Incorporated

Quickly now, a few thoughts before I trek to school for my Business and Global Societies lecture with Joanne Lawrence.  By the end of this Bowie will mean individualism and he will also signify sticking it to the man (in some respects). I’ll also touch on not buying what’s being sold and selling, well, yourself. … More You are Incorporated

“Pseudo” Correct

Talk about a learning curve straight upwards. Some of us accidentally figured it out, they hit the mother-load. Which is lovely. For us “others,” we need to become like Wile E. Coyote; blown up, stretched, cut in half, go “splat,” “kapow,” “zoing,” and all that jazz. And yet we’d strive to live on. Don’t get me wrong; we’re the stuff of legends, this “ain’t no thang.” Yes it’s true, we’re an awesome species, but I’ll still need a drink after writing this because it means I need to swallow some pretty harsh realities… … More “Pseudo” Correct

Sans Tech

Oh the headache. Quite honestly, my patience for Apple products has frayed quite a bit since I’d bought my first iPod mini. But truly I should thank Apple, for it led me to venture beyond my desk, forget about my checklist and take some “me” time. … More Sans Tech