The Nursing Hackathon Returns!

Participate in the groundbreaking hackathon propelling health care professionals forward.

Innovation is everywhere, and it behooves us to act as elements to enable it to happen. Empower those who would bring change and should someone with the knowledge wish to share and spread it, then let it be. Innovation is a result of necessity and the need for change; a little diversion from the path we know to get to the path we need.

This coming weekend of March 24th will welcome the second annual Nurse Innovation and Entrepreneurship Hackathon at Northeastern University.

Nurses are around patients 24 hours a day, it, therefore, comes as a given that they would be able to disseminate information or be the start for a rippling change in the health care system. Nurses are often under appreciated and yet they bear a substantial workload in keeping patients alive, for example. But it is also often overlooked that they have the responsibility to convey the healthcare lingo in a way that is understandable to the everyday patient. This is no easy task. Therefore, who better to develop the system, make it comprehensible, fill in the holes and tighten the ropes, than a nurse?

Rebecca Love, Founder of and the chairwoman of the hackathon, invites all Nurses and health care professionals to challenge themselves and put their ideas into form. This is your chance to test your ideas, learn from others and benefit the health care industry.


Have you dreamed of starting your own business or patenting a product? Come meet amazing people, compete for cash prizes and create unforgettable memories. You, yes you, may have the next big idea, don’t miss your chance to sign up here!

Tricia Demmers, PR, Editor, Journalist

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