You are Incorporated

Quickly now, a few thoughts before I trek to school for my Business and Global Societies lecture with Joanne Lawrence.  By the end of this Bowie will mean individualism and he will also signify sticking it to the man (in some respects). I’ll also touch on not buying what’s being sold and selling, well, yourself.

Should be fun.

Just finished my coffee, read through a case regarding dynamic complexity wherein the intricacy of the world dwarf’s our human capability to comprehend it. Picture an atom with 6 atomic orbitals, and then add two more. That is the world.

And here you are amongst it. How to stand out?


Here I think I have the answer:

I believe in organic poetry, it is everywhere, within our daily conversations as well as in our every actions. I’ve begun to notice the way certain people choose certain words and actions to accompany them, the way their sentences are glued together to create a flow of either dissonance or eloquence. And it is all beautiful. Each of their expressions, each of the specific forms of body language. It’s become a part of how they differentiate themselves.

These days we reside in a world. You are a brand. Did you know that? It’s true. How you define yourself as an individual becomes part of how you’re seen, how you market yourself to yourself, your friends and well…the outside world.


Get the picture? I am not saying it’s that simple. It isn’t. It means though that you’ve got big shoes to fill: your own. You’ve big aspirations to meet, you’re own.

I digress. One of the biggest, proactive and iconic Rock stars who used his individuality to put a wedge inside the idea of how most people typically appear. He started at the beginning, or what he thought was his beginning and built from there. No “one” deterrent swayed him (albeit there are some rising stories now about a 15-year-old sleeping with him and having liked it…that is aside from the topic of this here blog post).

I bring Bowie up for two reasons:

  • his cancer didn’t stop him from himself Creation didn’t cease once his cancer grew
  • he was just as much a part of this 3 part six dimensional world as you are and still he was an individual

Bowie persisted. And how lucky we are for that.

Nothing left to loose, lay it all out there because no one can replicate you, no seriously, I can’t be you. I wouldn’t want to be. My point simply is this: you’ve got something I don’t and wouldn’t the world be better if you were you and not someone else?  We’ve already got enough cookie-cutter robots filling the holes and it’s time the mould was cracked. I continuously read about how innovative the world and it’s leaders have become, but honestly I see history repeating itself, or “copying” the status, or following the precedent.

On a global scale; we eat up these technologies and believe that innovation means that it must be shiny. No, dig through the bits and pieces and you’ll find that even still there are breaks in the chain. Western innovation, (worst case scenario) means Eastern devastation. I mean I’m just saying, if this is the way we’re standing out these days…(no comment).


But last I checked, there was only 1 David Bowie. Only one. And his individuality is just one example of how you could be innovative. Now don’t become a replica. No. Be you. Be innovative. Don’t buy what they’re selling. This is how we’ll stand out, how you’ll stand out, how I’ll stand out.

In a Nutshell:

I started with organic poetry, somehow related that to Bowie, who I then used as an example for human individuality, which then somehow tied into commercialism and media and at the end came back to saying this: “Be you.”

Alright. Now does any of this make sense? Probably not. BUT: it’s off my chest and I feel better.

Now, go, donate blood, that’s a step in the right direction at least in my opinion. 

Thank you and Good Morning.




2 thoughts on “You are Incorporated

  1. Every time I read your thoughts or am privileged to hear your voice I am reminded of the positive impact you are having and will continue to have on the people fortunate enough to know you.

    Continue to speak your truth, dawalk in the rain with your loudest singing voice and march to the sound of your singular drum.

    Because it is beautiful.

    Because it is pure.

    Because it is unapologetically you.

    Be bold. Be fierce. Bring love and light with you,

    Much love to you sister friend xox

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