Sans Tech

Well, this is not the first time and it certainly won’t be the last. I understand that technology is a man-made entity and is in no way a substitute for human interaction, but what happens when this human interaction is cross-stitched into technology? Oh dear, what on earth happens then? How would we converse, who would we talk to? Friendship? Family? Social Media? Our whole being quivers and quakes at the thought. We shudder to think what would happen.

I hope you’re able to read my sarcasm in the beginning paragraph…mostly due to the fact that there was a time, not too long ago, when we depended on physical interaction to get to know one another, rather than virtual interaction. Despite your wildest beliefs there was a time when you, yes you dear reader, met people without the help of your phone or social media. Yes in the dark ages we still met people…

meeting people

There was a time when people met people organically, in school, in their jobs, while traveling, or even going for a walk. But these days, to even meet a compatible human, we’ve people signing up for groups on MeetUp or FaceBook.

There’s nothing wrong with that, it’s just different.

The reason for my lament, stems from events earlier this morning. I woke up, made some coffee and habitually walked to my MacBook Pro to turn it on and open up this very document that I’d been working on. Sadly the computer refused to turn on. Oh the headache. Even though Apple Care has some lovely people on the other end, yes they listened to my qualms with understanding but quite honestly, my patience for Apple products has frayed quite a bit since I’d bought my first iPod mini. But truly I should thank Apple, for it led me to venture beyond my desk, forget about my checklist and take some “me” time.

As I’d mentioned earlier, technology isn’t a substitute for real human interaction. Far from in reality, nevertheless I’d made plans to send some important emails for school, reply to a few FaceBook messages for friendship and read a few articles for self-awareness (I’m a well rounded individual) all from the safety of my own desk. When the computer failed to turn on. All of this went out the window, and because I’m an emotional helix, I burst into tears.


After calling Apple Care and relaying my whole diatribe, I realized how dependant I’d become. Aside from the fact that I didn’t want to pay for another motherboard (as I’d already bought one this past January) I also didn’t want to do without my computer, my link to sanity.

What have I become? I’d grown up on a farm, separate from Saturday morning cartoons and technology. The outdoors was my “internet” so to speak and a book was my getaway car. While I still read like a fiend, I don’t get outside as often as I’d like, and I definitely don’t meet people as organically as I used to. God forbid I look at life like this:


My point: innovations in technology have led to many a good thing, many a good job and many a good friend, but experiencing reality as it happens now is something we’ve lost sight of. Let my experience/lesson help you out that being; it shouldn’t have to take a broken MacBook Pro to get me outside. I should just get out there. Sans tech.

Thank You again Apple, without your broken tech, I’d have forgotten that I had a backyard. And now if you’ll excuse me, I have a nice long walk to get back to.

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