Baby Steps are the Only Steps

When sea divers dive deep, they can’t arise to the surface too quickly…their lungs will burst.

When Kimmy Schmidt stepped into the 21st century after being held captive in an underground fake-cult for 15 years, everything about her was….in the past.

Same with this guy, held underground for 35 years because of a fake bomb, which turned out to only be a small plane crash in his back yard:

He kept his ideals from the late 60s. He was, truly, a Blast from the Past…

Please watch this movie.

Imagine trying to wrap your mind around being stuck in a basement for 35 years of your life, all for nothing? It would blow your mind! But I truly believe, even though we’re not physically underwater or physically stuck in a basement –we hold beliefs or habits for years, decades, keeping us stuck–all for nothing. And we don’t even want to change because the truth…..the truth would blow our minds.

People, sometimes, can’t comprehend enormity. But that’s the precise thing we all dream of grasping….something big! It’s a paradox–that which pulls us forward can drown us if we rise too quickly.

Now I’m going to post Miley Cyrus’s music Video for The Climb! Haha just kidding. Better! A Ted talk….

get lucky

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