The Importance of Self-Advocacy

Sometimes you have to fight for your health {all the time}

The Bone Marrow Foundation

Taking an active role in your healthcare journey

By Stephen Bess

I am an acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) survivor, matched unrelated donor bone marrow transplant survivor, and a volunteer with The Bone Marrow Foundation. I received my treatment at City of Hope in Los Angeles and will celebrate my two year re-birthday (two years post transplant) in April 2015.

I hope my experience can help you and your loved ones attack the challenges you face with confidence and, above all, a sense of optimism and hope. You are your #1 ally, and you can do this!

Self-Advocacy: What does this term really mean?

For patients undergoing medical treatment of any kind, not to mention the intense treatment protocols that bone marrow transplant patients endure, self-advocacy means — at its very core — taking an active role in your healthcare journey. In the short time between diagnosis and treatment, so many…

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