14 Signs You Hate Change

What is it about change everyone hates? Well for one, we’re alive so we dislike change because we know nothing BUT the state of being alive. Life is monotonous, we really only know how to be alive, not dead or floating in the afterlife, in any other higher state like paranormal phantom embodiment, or long morphing cocoons.  We know one state and one state only. Knowing in its very definition we are conscious.

“I just hate the transitions,” I said to my coworker Ian. “Like when I’m in bed I just want to stay in bed. When I’m walking to the subway with my coffee I wish I could keep walking forever. When I’m on the subway I wish I could sit there reading for hours and never get up. When I’m at the dreaded work place, I wish I could stay there forever, escape the drudgery of having to transition into work by just ALWAYS being in work, you know?”

Physiology Today calls it ‘the great human reluctance to change.’ A great deal of psychological research indicates resistance to even positive change, attesting to the marvel of how much discomfort humans can tolerate before they acknowledge a need for a change.  Have you ever stayed in bed with a stuffy nose, too lazy to get a tissue? Have you ever stayed in the same uninspiring job for years because of the dreaded ‘change’ word? This list is for you…

14 Signs you Hate Change 

1. This is what leaving your hometown feels like:

Escaping Baby Panda

2.  When people make suggestions you’re like:

lisa kudrow animated GIF

3. And when you try those suggestions:

bored animated GIF

4.  You’ve tried to make changes before too, you woke up early and made a list and stuff. But it didn’t work out:

To-Do List: Nothing

5. When people encourage you to get out more:

live animated GIF

6.  Trying new food?  Yeah right.

bobs burgers animated GIF

7.  When other people volunteer and put themselves ‘out there’:

weird animated GIF

8.  This is your idea of making a stand, a revolution, a change at the work place:

wednesday animated GIF

9.  You have major ‘goodbye’ anxiety, even hanging up the phone, you’re like:

spongebob squarepants animated GIF
I thought we’d NEVER have to part.

10. When your friends suggest Tinder and you’re like:

This is actually ok, ew Tinder

11. This is what trying new trends feels like:

It’s doesn’t really look bad. But it FEELS that way.


12. Or worse, you try something new and you’re like:

13. Meeting new people who aren’t like you:

bored animated GIF

14. When you finally get a ‘green light’, a resemblance of affirmation or a small hint at actually moving forward:

taylor swift animated GIF
You’re just not even sure anymore. Yay?

I think our reluctance for change stems from laziness, let’s be honest, and fear of making the wrong decision. “Most of the paralysis in decision making comes from assuming the world has the right answer and we’re just too stupid to figure it out,” writes Ruth Chang, a philosopher at Rutgers University. But she asserts that this idea is false. The resulting anxiety clouds good judgement and stunts your ability to make you the author of your life. Instead of seeing change as a time to empower ourselves, distinguish ourselves, create adventure and a meaningful life, we see change as an inconvenience, another step toward becoming like everyone else. Well maybe it’s time to assess the changes we’re fearing…

Jeff Bozos, founder and CEO of Amazon says, “When you are 80 years old and, in a quiet reflection, narrating for only yourself the most personal version of your life story, the telling that will be most compact and meaningful will be the series of choices you have made.” In the end we are our choices and changes. Build yourself a great story!



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