Breathe. Be calm.

This heart opened up and shared with me its depth.

Dark. Hopes. Fears.Tears. Once a breeze. Now? What is it?

Sit. Wait. Patient. Be still.

I’ll tell…



Pusssshhhhhhhhh yourself.

shouldn’t be too hard,

your dream is only an inch away

from your stretched hopes. Hey!

Get your dirty hands off that.

It’s not your right, not your life.

Just step back and take notice

realize that, alllll you are is

Space. Time. And one moment

down the rabbit-hole will make

a spindle-thin thought; watch OUT!

Yes. You. You’re who I’m talkin’ about.


Stomach empty…not hungry. No.

Eyes full…but keep it at bay, Don’t

break down and let them flowwww,

………..please or they will know.

Are you there? Are you…listening?

Hello? You must be hiding. Aren’t you?

Hey now, I thought you were strong,

Enough to hear this. Was I wrong?

Lied. You’re lies. You are huummann.



Little. Oh so little. This heart beats contrary to its inner most wants.

Small. You’re so small.

My limited, cramped, brief heart.

Close now. Knit yourself up.



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