2014 in 5 Words

I’ve been trying out this new thing called Twitter. Maybe you’ve heard of it? It’s got this concept called the “hashtag” to make you more discoverable. I’m on the “twitter-sphere” and I be tweeting away but sometimes I just can’t get the flow. You know? Well, a new “hashtag” has been floating around in the cyber waves above…or wherever they are. And it’s called #2014in5Words.

“Now, now,” I say, “Only five words?”

“Yes,” Twitter replies, “Accept the challenge and delve into your vocabulary of terms.”

“Ok,” I say.

But it’s not enough just to write 5 words. Words are so powerful and the right ones must be chosen or meaning is lost and readers misunderstand completely. I could write so many things and just throw them out there, but they would be meaningless to the masses of followers…[pause for effect].

First I wrote this:

We’ll move forward for now #2014in5Words

I deleted it.

Then this:

Don’t believe me, just watch. #2014in5Words

I deleted that too.


To be continued for now. #2014in5Words

The struggle was real. So I read some others for inspiration. Here are a few samples:

IMG_4555 IMG_4553IMG_4554

After reading through oodles and oodles of them. I was exhausted, a tad unhappy and jones-ing for a glass of wine to soften some of the harsher posts. Goodness. Five words let you reach deep down, or they let you scratch the surface. Words. AmIRight…or should I say #amiright

But in all seriousness. And I think some of you know, this year hasn’t been at all one my shining moments, there hasn’t been much glitter floating about. And that is totally fine. I’ll be frank and simply say that 2014 was the sucker punch that knocked me down and kind of kicked the stuffing out me in the worst way. I mean it knocked the sh** out of Jian Ghomeshi and Bill Cosby (in the best way) and few others I’d love to rail on, but I won’t waste my time. Sometimes it truly felt like my life was a set and any minute a director somewhere would yell “CUT! PRINT!” and I’d walk off and things would be normal, or at least functioning. I’m sure you feel the same way at certain junctures in your life.

Okay, here are 5 words to sum up 2014.

It was another year: done. #2014in5Words

And I won’t have to do it again. I’ll learn from it. The world will learn from #Flight8501 and #Flight370 we’ll learn from the Crimea and #TheInterview and from #MichealBrown and from the shootings in Moncton. Somehow this world will learn from those horrible things. We’ll also forever remember #Fancy and how we already know; thank you Iggy.

There are split moments that we overlook, that overshadow briefly the bleak onset, and the daunting reality that mainstream media can portray. They are simple things, but they are important. There are simple things, like the lady who held the paper for me when I was trying so hard to write everything down. Or the coworker who bought me a coffee today. Or the monkey who performed CPR on another monkey:

You cried a little didn’t you? Yes you did. Admit it. It was awesome.

I don’t want to be cliche or prosaic. But I’m glad I lived this year through. It happened. It was horrible with little golden moments. Maybe yours was the same, maybe you’ve had an amazing 365 days. Maybe not so much. And it’s done now.

For New Years: I promise the world, my family, friends, colleagues and whoever else may enter my life, that if I ever have power to change outcomes and prevent rather than deal with consequences; I will. My resolution?

Quite simply is: To Live

Us happy people gotta stick together.

Give some blood please, that’d be nice. Check out blood.ca to find a clinic and give.

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