In a letter my mother wrote to me while she was in the hospital, she said, “Writing this note, knowing you’ll be holding it soon, gives me goosebumps!”  On my first night home from Beijing, I found it tucked under my pillow and I  smiled at my mother’s cheesy words.

My mother who passed away 3 months ago this week, went through a stage in her life working in rural placements as a physiotherapist. She hadn’t much money, but somehow she made it work and well, she was passionate about helping people. She lived way up in Northern Canada, and for fun she taught herself how to play the guitar. She learned almost every song from Carole King’s Tapestry.

So now, I am the one getting goosebumps as I write to tell you about something oh so exciting! To spread her passion for physiotherapy we’re creating a scholarship fund with Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, for students who wish to complete rural placements in physiotherapy! Come on world!! Isn’t this exciting!?

Please check out the page here.

Amidst the terrible things happening in Australia, amidst the horrible acts in Pakistan in the schools. There are small rays of hope, they’re silver, they’re thin, but they exist. And this is one of them.

I’m spreading the word. Writing about it on every single social media venue I have and telling everyone I know in the world. It would be lovely, so lovely, dear reader if you could share the love, like this post, tell your friends and family…help me make it happen.

Thank you…

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