Butt No Thang

Question: Could Kim’s butt be a saving grace?

There are still so many mixed emotions about this subject, lots of negativity, lots of stereotypes and lots of internet browsing…or can the internet still be browsed if it’s broken? Let me be bare bones here for a post. Literally let me strip down, oil up and show you who I really am underneath all these layers I love to wear day in and day out. PAPER is not going to be here to take a photo and break the internet with it, although my ass and probably your ass is just as fine if not actually natural compared to Kim’s shiny derrière. Instead of injecting mine with a few chemicals I decided to do squats and lunges. Maybe Kim does those to. I don’t know I haven’t talked to her this week.

Butt in all honesty (haha see what I did there?) here are 7 thoughts on how I see it:

  1. Kim Kardashian’s behind represents the human propensity and need for distraction
  2. The need for cash flow, aka business. This increased someone’s bank roll.
  3. Our race’s desperate need for a bigger surprise.
  4. We’ll always want something to talk about, laugh at, admire, hate or love on. Think about the first thing you did when you saw Kim. Me? I laughed out loud and joked about how I oil up every night…and nobody is there to take a photo.
  5. Here’s another one and it’s the one I find particularly interesting and it’s called: The Marshmallow Test.
    20454074A child is presented with one marshmallow and is told, to wait, either eat one now, or eat two later. Studies have shown that more successful lives are lead by those who show more self-control and restraint. Simply they are able to wait for better things to come along. In regards to Kim’s butt, perhaps the marshmallow disappeared to damn fast. I don’t know what do you think?
  6. A Feminist action. Either you were empowered or demeaned. Some people think, yes thank you Kim, we should be able to balance a champagne glass on our ass and have someone recognize talent. OR you’re thinking, “Great, as if the fight to be taken seriously wasn’t hard enough.”
  7. The arch. How much pain do you put yourself through to appear desirable to anyone? Kim said her back was so sore after that photo shoot. Of course. I mean, of course. Haha, unless you walk around with your butt sticking out there. Even these dudes complained they were in pain. 
  8. Now…how could it be a saving grace?

A few people have said that they weep for pop culture. But hey newsflash, pop culture has always been this superficial, that hasn’t changed. I’m just wondering if Kim’s butt is enough to break the internet and set North America buzzing, is it enough to solve some problems as well? You know? As in if artists can get together and sing a song to raise money to fund ebola research…perhaps Kim’s butt could help fund advertisements for blood donations, or to raise money for children in west Africa? Here’s another thought, if we’re not willing to send our monetary support for something like ebola, are we willing to bare all instead? Would that be enough? Money or one photograph.

Listen hey listen. Its the same theory as The Calendar Girls.


I’m just thinking out loud here. Thank you Kim for a marvellous idea. World Peace can’t be far. It could be the new frontier, I mean to infinity and beyond that sort of thing. Boldly go where no human has gone before.

Your thoughts?

Us happy people gotta stick together.

Give some blood please, that’d be nice. Check out blood.ca to find a clinic and give.

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3 thoughts on “Butt No Thang

  1. I totally agree with number 6! As a good-looking nerd (I apologize for the arrogance), I am always trying to prove that I am more than a pretty face.

    And another thing – I’m conservative, but don’t you think a mother would act with more dignity? Is that the kind of photo you want to show your son?

    But Trish – I love that all these guys redid the photo with their faces on it. 🙂 Made me laugh, and probably many others too.

    1. Definitely a mother should act with more dignity, I guess Kim is willing to sacrifice hers and the opinion of her child for the sake of a splash haha

      And I totally love the video! I couldn’t stop laughing while I was watching it and had to find a reason to include it in the post!

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