2014 in 5 Words

I’ve been trying out this new thing called Twitter. Maybe you’ve heard of it? It’s got this concept called the “hashtag” to make you more discoverable. I’m on the “twitter-sphere” and I be tweeting away but sometimes I just can’t get the flow. You know? Well, a new “hashtag” has been floating around in the … More 2014 in 5 Words


In a letter my mother wrote to me while she was in the hospital, she said, “Writing this note, knowing you’ll be holding it soon, gives me goosebumps!”  On my first night home from Beijing, I found it tucked under my pillow and I  smiled at my mother’s cheesy words. My mother who passed away 3 … More #thetinafund

Wrap it up in Red

Blood. I really do love it. I consider it one of my life’s passions, along with woman’s rights, writing, orchids and baby foxes. The last two are temporary obsessions. But blood…that’ll be a long-term distraction, up until the day I die. Why? Because you know those sand time clocks (also known as hour glasses)? The … More Wrap it up in Red

Butt No Thang

Question: Could Kim’s butt be a saving grace? There are still so many mixed emotions about this subject, lots of negativity, lots of stereotypes and lots of internet browsing…or can the internet still be browsed if it’s broken? Let me be bare bones here for a post. Literally let me strip down, oil up and show … More Butt No Thang