**Poison Pie Column**

More like a Pirate less like a queen

~Or more like a queen less like a pirate~

An archetype personality exists in the collective mind of society, the communal mind of all of us together. Inherited through language and images, these unconscious ideas and patterns universally present themselves in the individual psyche. And sometimes these archetypes transcend a person, taking them over. Other times they help define us, guide us or inspire us. Either way they exist in a nebulous land beyond the pale, in a land far, far away from Candy Crush, Google and customized ringtones…..

That’s why when someone says the word ‘Queen’ to you, we all have a pretty similar idea of what this entails. Or when someone says ‘Pirate’ again we all collectively draw upon the stories and fables that form our idea of these savvy sailors. Queens usually bring to mind ideas of power, crowns, castles, and perhaps apples. Pirates usually bring to mind pictures of ships, long coats, hats with red feathers and swords slung to one side. Discovering whether you’re more a Queen and less a pirate, or vise versa, can tell you a lot about yourself: what motivates you, how you construct your life, what you fear and what you celebrate…

Are you more a Pirate or a Queen?

Pirates collect People. They welcome aboard any sailor, disabled bodies, runaways, stowaways, basically whoever’s willing to fight for them. Do you welcome anyone into your life? Are you attracted to people with parrots on their shoulders? Basically that’s weird and you like it. Perhaps someone looks dangerous, even unhealthy for your life. You simply shrug, “The more the merrier”. Pirate.

Queens interview people. As the rulers of their kingdom, they only allow certain skill-sets into their most trusted sphere. They’re the CEO of their kingdom and therefore interview, promote, demote and fire however suits the land best. Do you regularly cut people out of your life? Are you attracted to those who can only provide the best emotional support, those who are clean and distinguished from the common peasant? Queen.

Pirates commandeer. They’re opportunists. They see a chance and they take it. They see a position and they fulfill it, they see an adventure and they follow the trail. An empty ship isn’t lonely; it’s your next home.

Queens only want one position. And that’s number one ruler. They refuse to ‘commandeer’ anything less than their rightful kingdom. They know they deserve the throne and anything less is second best.

Pirates thrive in chaos. They love color, mess, things off the traditional grid, shifts in routine and quirky adventures with lots of side detours. If you work better surrounded by chatter, if you love being a number surrounded by millions, if barefooted kitchens with too many cooks reap clarity…you may be a pirate.

Yves Saint Laurent by François-Marie Banier

Queens thrive on complete control. They like knowing everything that goes on in their kingdom, they tackle change as an enemy and they have a specific order to align the universe. When things are getting loud and off-kilter, when one ordered a decaf skinny-milk latte and one gets a decaf skinny-milk cappuccino, Queens seize control. And quickly. A disturbance in the kingdom needs to be dealt with immediately; reestablishing complete control takes all of their brain space until the kingdom is shinning like the opening credits of a Disney movie.

Pirates go with the flow. Hakuna matata. Change in wind? Suddenly the destination changes too. Plot twist? Pirates re-direct their path so no matter what they’re always back on course. It may not be the original plan, but with a tilt of the map, a squint at the horizon, everything’s on the dotted line again. Do you bounce back quickly from rejection? Do you have no recollection of the life goals you held last week? That was last week; different winds, maybe even a different ship.

Queens refuse to compromise. No exceptions! They can get exactly what they want and they won’t stop until they do. This mighty constitution takes strength in character, a dream and vision so strong that they cannot be swayed from it (I can only theoretically guess?). People who deter them from their dreams, even those who encourage ‘breaking free’ are revered and marked as enemies. Queens may even have a sense of entitlement, but it’s this delusion that serves them well and gets them nothing less than what they asked for. They know what they want. And they will have it.

I love the dress, but I think the sleeves would be rather tedious

Pirates hunt for treasure. They live their life from one raid to the next. Finding treasure marks the day they started searching for another…

Queens sit on their treasure. Not literally, but they store their inherent wealth in volts and treasuries. They guard it well, and consider it sacred, carefully passed down through the centuries. They know they have all the wealth they need, they don’t necessarily need to go looking for more.

I need this very practical, everyday wear dress. So very beautiful! | by Julia Velikaya

Pirates know secret methods. They know how to get to uncharted islands, they know about ambiguous codes, protocol and unwritten ship maneuvers. Perhaps you know things you could never explicitly say, perhaps you’ve got a wink only you can do.

The ISS Bounty was lost at sea decades ago… with the year's taxes from Concord still aboard.  By Mathieu Lauffray

Queens know secret passages; they know the walls of their castle better than anyone else. They know exactly where they lead and only they hold the key.

Pirates procrastinate. They let their troubles and debt build up. They run away from their problems. Unless it’s time for a revolution or a rebellion. Then they’re passionately awakened, defiantly leading the charge and creating mischievous battle plans.

Queens deal with it. They take care of their problems pronto. They face their issues courageously and could never, in their wildest dreams leave their throne.  Rebellion? Ha. They run the kingdom, there’s no one to rebel against.

Pirates love the sea; they love the unknown, they celebrate freedom. Maybe your need to explore is off the charts. Small towns kill you. Familiarity shrinks you. Boring food equates no food and going out entails a different shade of lipstick, a different scene, a different dress. Same shade? Might as well stay home.

Queens love a kingdom of their own making. They love familiar people and places because their signature already marks everything in their world. They chose everything to begin with so why try something new? They already chose the best.

Perhaps you’re more like a pirate, and the queen’s personality suffocates your inner vagabond. Perhaps you’re more like a queen, and a pirate’s personality stresses you out, unnerves and annoys you. What can we learn from these two opposing roles? A pirate lives freely but lacks order while a queen lives with order but lacks adventure. Each can take the best attributes from the other and perhaps the value lies in changing and morphing into something new; a queen-like pirate or a piratical queen. Perhaps the process of becoming more like a Pirate will serve your longings well. Perhaps the process of becoming more like a queen will give your wayward ways the direction and authority your dreams need.  Can we really call upon the archetype characters in our fairytales to teach us about life? Arguably yes. Well at least they can learn from each other.

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