Me & Him

In Philadelphia:

~Part 2~


**A continuation from Peel Rubber.

If a street could be eloquent with words, then I think I’d fall in love with it. Other than speech it has everything I need; noise, aggression, unexpected happenstance and colour. It has a lot of colour. I love it.

He and I. Me and him, we were standing at the side of Broad Street North, thinking out loud about what our next move would be. “It’s sad that freedom is so far off. I mean, what would it be like if we could actually reach it?”

I bent down to tie my chucks, they were ripped and the laces were frayed at the end, I looked up at him from street level and he looked down at me, “I wouldn’t know what it would be like. Freedom was always meant to be something to chase. I don’t think the chasers ever reached it,” I said as a blue Toyota caught my eye. It’s driver was rocking out to some deep base music.

He nodded, “Such positivity, I think it is obtainable if you keep that mind of yours open.”

I didn’t say anything. My mind was sprung wide open and he knew it. The doors to my thought had been unlocked and I was ready to reach out and just be. He knew it, I think he was just testing me.

“Well alright then, if my mind needed to stay open and we’ve been running in that direction,” I said pointing forward “for forever towards freedom, then where on earth are we now hmmm?”

He placed his hands on his hips. After a minute he licked his pointer finger and pretended to test the wind. He frowned and then shrugged, “I’d say we’re on the precipice of freedom. What if it’s a theory that only exists in our minds?”

I shook my head, this guy. “The precipice of freedom huh?”

“Yes, the precipice,” he confirmed that I’d heard correctly and we both laughed at our nonsensical reasoning.

Us happy people gotta stick together.

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