Peel Rubber

In Philadelphia:

~Part 1~


The cacophony of honks, shouts, winds, buses from the streets of the city are enough to make you re-think your decisions, or not think about them at all. We turned it into music and for one, insane night we seemed to detach ourselves from ourselves and go for broke, you know? Like lay tracks, peel rubber, and move on from whatever it was that was holding us back.

And we did.

We let the bright lights get to us and move our souls, in what people call a trivial moment of immaturity. We danced in the middle of the street to the music in our heads, and the sound of horns only added to the beautiful rhythm we had created.

I let myself smile. From ear to ear. Yes. I was beautiful. I was me and nobody else.

He pointed straight ahead and his eyes met mine, “Let’s go that way,” he said with an air of confidence I’d never seen in him before, “And I don’t care if it’s north or south, east or west, that way is freedom and that way is forward.” Of course I knew what he meant, of course I’d go that way with him. If it meant that this was us showing the world we’re not scared of it and we’re making waves, we’re proclaiming that we love our weirdness; then of course we’d go that way together.

I nodded, grabbed his hand and we ran towards freedom.

Us happy people gotta stick together.

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