Laugh at The Little Death

‘La petite mort’ = The little death = an orgasm. And so opens one of the funniest movies I’ve seen in a while. As a huge fan of stand-up comedy and a Toastmaster, I celebrate humour and jokes done well.

This is not so much a blog post as a serious message to Kara, “I’ll watch The Amazing Spiderman 2 (Kara: “Tintin, you’ve got to watch it. Andrew Garfield is like, a Spiderman with personality.”) if you watch The Little Death.”

But really, everyone who has ever been in a relationship should watch this comedy about sexual fetishes taken too far and how they complicate relationships. The humour lies in the exaggeration of the character’s actions – taking sexual fetishes like role play and getting turned on by the sight of your partner sleeping or crying too far.

One review by SBS (a television channel here in Australia) claims that it is ‘a disappointing comedy of errors’ but everyone at the Rivoli Cinema here in Hawthorn, Melbourne laughed their butts off. And that’s what matters, really.

The lesson that I’m taking from watching this movie? What’s normal? What’s normal to you may seem abnormal to someone else. So don’t judge. And don’t take your fetish too far 🙂

Also, if you have to write a humourous speech or script and wish to use exaggeration as a technique, watch The Little Death. The facial expressions of the characters are priceless too.

~Tara Tintin Rahman

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