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Following the general theme of DaiMeng Martina’s awesome post titled The Flip Side regarding affirming people and the perceptions of the individuals in our life. I’ll take this in a slightly different path…you’ll see by the end of the post.

These days, the word on the street is embracing your self-expression and it’s okay to be different. Embrace who you are. But all we see on the Internet, on TV and in movies are the standard images of “beauty” replayed over and over again. And yet the world screams for a change…is there a change?

I’d say that yes, there is most definitely awareness about the subject, but do we actually see the change? Of course there are a few awesome souls out there who are the voices of the change. We’ve got Meghan Trainor, and Mary Lambert, and one of my personal favourites The Official Laci Green who are singing, speaking and vlogging about the need for change.  They’re all about women’s strength and making a change…moving forward and speaking out against mainstream images. They’re pretty awesome.

But then we’ve still got music videos like this one here and we’re right back where we’ve started again. Is that empowerment? I’m not feeling it. In a post written by Brittany Greenquist for RYOT, she calls out the pseudo feminism media being produced and thank god! No I don’t think that beautiful women such as J.Lo and Iggy Azalea should cover up, but Greenquist is right in asking whether these women have made waves purely on their merit, rather than their sex-appeal. Honestly when was that time? Did it ever occur?

Here’s empowerment:


But seriously, whoever is reading this. It’s all in your hands, things like Azalea’s ass (no matter how talented she can be with her words) aren’t making any headway for us ladies who are trying to be taken more seriously. Honestly some artists need to look up the definition of empowerment. I’ll save you the trouble:

Empowerment: refers to the increasing economic, political, social, educational, gender, or spiritual strength of an entity or entities. 

Here’s my point. You want encouragement? You’d like to feel more in charge of your life? It won’t come from mainstream media. DUH. I am almost laughing at how basic that revelation sounds. It isn’t there. Your life isn’t like Azalea’s or J.Lo’s or Grande’s or Cyrus. Is you Fancy? Do you walk around flaunting that booty? Maybe you are and maybe you do. But I’m not and I definitely don’t do that on the regular. They don’t make me want to trust my own madness, no they make me want to follow their madness! Ahaha, maybe I am easily lead.

Here’s another question; have you ever wondered why People magazine is called People, when it’s about celebrities who aren’t at all like regular people? Why aren’t there magazines about actual people people? You know, as in a person we can actually relate to?

You may just find encouragement from the people around you. There are awesome people out there who are actual role models. These people make me want to take leaps of faith based upon my own craziness. Yes, they do. Who actually do great things everyday if we were ever to pay attention. They’re crazy. But they’re awesome and they empower me, by not seeking affirmation but just dealing with the hand that is given them. So. I am going to write about them, film them, or something. These people seem regular, but they are celebrities every day for me. I’d like to create a series of posts about actual people who deserve acknowledgement. I mean it’s the day after Remembrance Day or Veteran’s Day and that day is all about regular people acting in a spectacularly selfless way.

I’d like to affirm those people in my life and give them whatever credit I can; it’ll be complicated, but worth it. I encourage you to think about it and take a look around you, at the people in your life who are your inspiration.

Us happy people gotta stick together.

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