whistling as a compliment

“I’m all smiles, happiness and laughs, but every once in a while an experience pops up that gets my goat.” ~Me.

Frankly, I am a smiling feminist, and on my travels I don’t make it a point to look out for these things and write about it later. But this time I had to make an exception. Ugh. I hate being this voice, but sometimes I just gotta let out my frustrations. While I’m at it, I’d really appreciate your comments.

Yes, yes it’s true that we women are indeed putting a lot of emphasis on this topic, is it something we shouldn’t be annoyed with or angry about? In regards to what I’m writing about first a young women filmed herself silently walking…

Artistic no?

Next, a young man filmed himself silent-walking through the streets of Manhattan, receiving catcalls…

Ahaha…it’s a PARODY. And don’t get me wrong I do know that men are harassed…yes it too is a problem.Sexism goes both ways; yes it’s a fact. But that doesn’t mean, we should put up and shut up about how uncomfortable it makes us feel.

I recently travelled to Costa Rica. It was lovely, a wonderful get-a-way. And while Chelsea Handler was riding her horse topless to prove a point, my friends and I were reminded that some cultures aren’t as free. Of course we still wore our tank-tops and shorts in a country that experiences the same climate all year round. But, this also meant dealing with whistles and Spanish catcalls as we walked down the streets of San Jose, Costa Rica. The smiles on our faces weren’t deterred by the little glances and sounds of smacking lips. We largely ignored it. But it was there, oh most definitely it was there.

We were different from the norm in the culture, women walk around in shorts and tank-tops all the time, in San Jose, in Tortuguero, in Toronto, in New York…everywhere. But our skin was different, our faces were different…I’m not pleading the plight of the traveler. No. I’m thankful for the opportunity. I’m simply writing about the fragile status we enjoy in our perspective countries. The females of the west have the chances to walk through the streets of New York, film it and make a point. Scout Willis can walk around topless with something to prove.

While others aren’t so fortunate. What on earth would happen in a Latino culture if a women were to decide, “Hey, I’m tired of this sh**, I’ll walk around topless like my husband and make a point!”

Now this doesn’t mean us women of the west should keep quiet, it just means that our awareness levels need to be stepped up a notch. We’re on the frontier, in that we’re able to speak out about it, and speak out wisely. Be ballsy. That being said, we need to know that in other countries, just a little further south, women don’t experience the same freedom.

My friends and I sat down in the lounge of our hostel (which aren’t creepy by the way, they are an economical way to travel), and a young gentleman joined us in a round of Heads-Up. He is from Connecticut, USA and told us how he hitch-hiked down from Alaska to Costa Rica. Us there girls were in awe, I mean wouldn’t it be awesome to hitch-hike? No. That wouldn’t be right. When we expressed our misgivings, he said, “Oh, but girls experience other perks. As in if you were to hitch-hike no one would assume you might kill them. Where as for me, as a man, everyone is very wary of me.” I had to stifle a laugh. Righto. Yes, this is true. But you, dear reader, must see the discrepancy here.

The next day, two men from Spain sat down with us and we played the same game (Heads Up). Somehow we got on the same topic. “You should take the whistling as a compliment,” one of them said matter-of-factly. Oh we should, should we? Thank you Mr. Spaniard.

Your input isn’t appreciated. Haha, I mean I can laugh, because I’ll come back to Canada where I’ll experience freedom of speech.  But what of the women who haven’t the choice?


Next I’ll write about surfing and what I learned from my need for balance. Thank you for reading my little rant!

Us happy people gotta stick together.

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