Sliced Bread

In Philadelphia ~Part 3~ “To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.” ~Oscar Wilde Continued from Me & Him The amount of pressure a person puts on their feet every single moment is enough to weigh the world down. It’s a heavy load. With all of the rules … More Sliced Bread

**Poison Pie Column**

More like a Pirate less like a queen ~Or more like a queen less like a pirate~ An archetype personality exists in the collective mind of society, the communal mind of all of us together. Inherited through language and images, these unconscious ideas and patterns universally present themselves in the individual psyche. And sometimes these … More **Poison Pie Column**

Type Altruistic

It’s November 25th 2014, one month left until that time that’s supposed to bring families all together, bring light and life where there isn’t any. This is the time when we listen to same Christmas music over and over again, when artists gather together and record a song to raise money for something, this year’s … More Type Altruistic

Me & Him

In Philadelphia: ~Part 2~ **A continuation from Peel Rubber. If a street could be eloquent with words, then I think I’d fall in love with it. Other than speech it has everything I need; noise, aggression, unexpected happenstance and colour. It has a lot of colour. I love it. He and I. Me and him, we were … More Me & Him

Peel Rubber

In Philadelphia: ~Part 1~ The cacophony of honks, shouts, winds, buses from the streets of the city are enough to make you re-think your decisions, or not think about them at all. We turned it into music and for one, insane night we seemed to detach ourselves from ourselves and go for broke, you know? … More Peel Rubber

~A People’s Person

Following the general theme of DaiMeng Martina’s awesome post titled The Flip Side regarding affirming people and the perceptions of the individuals in our life. I’ll take this in a slightly different path…you’ll see by the end of the post. These days, the word on the street is embracing your self-expression and it’s okay to be different. Embrace … More ~A People’s Person

the flip side

 ~Taking criticism is hard~ ~Taking affirmation is complicated~ “The more affirmation you need from others, the weaker you become,” Blake once told me. He always spoke about strength and weakness as if we lived in Game of Thrones (but we both obsessed over GOT so in our minds we kinda were). “The person who doesn’t … More the flip side


Ai Weiwei makes an empty canvas out of clothing designed to create a certain persona. The clothes don’t make the person, the person makes the person. Read More Here. Us happy people gotta stick together. Give some blood please, that’d be nice. Check out to find a clinic and give. Oh hello hi! Have a Happiness … More ReworkingIt