For all those Moments**


On September 30th, I did the most terrifying and exciting thing of my life. I launched my first business, Sugarbeets. I had been working on the business for about a year until finally I decided it was ready to be released into the world. I had just gotten back from a concert around midnight, and I was determined to send out my launch emails the next day. I stayed up until 3am getting everything scheduled. When I woke up the next morning, I had completely forgotten what I had done until I saw all the congratulatory email. All I could do was smile manically and think to myself “what have I done?”

Sugarbeets creates curated personal care kits for women – think tampons, dental floss, tissues, lip balm, etc. It’s a simple idea, but the journey to launching has been incredibly emotional and spiritual.


The idea for Sugarbeets is a natural extension of myself, instilled in me through my upbringing. My dad always taught me to be prepared for everything and to be self-sufficient. Most importantly, he taught me to have a good sense of humour. Growing up and still to this day, instead of swearing “oh shit” he says “oh sugarbeets.” So, we’re making sure you’re covered in your “oh sugarbeets” moments. 😉

I had this idea for three years. I found every excuse not to start – all stemming from fear, doubt, and insecurity. In 2013, I struggled through a personally difficult year. My life was not what I wanted it to be. I felt stuck, unfulfilled, and apathetic.

Two years prior to this, in 2011, a high school friend tragically died. We had drifted apart due to time and distance, but we remained friends. Her death shook me to the core. One day when I was thinking about my friend during this challenging time, I realized I was most discontent with playing it safe and not living my life to its fullest potential. My friend’s passing made me understand that no matter how you live your life, death is inevitable. You must take action to purposefully live the life and legacy you want. By keeping this idea in my head, I wasn’t honouring her or anyone else whose time came too soon. By not living up to my potential, leaning into fear, and not following my dreams, I wasn’t living my life boldly or fully. And that’s when I made the commitment to launch Sugarbeets.

Through the past year of getting Sugarbeets ready, I have gotten in my own way more times than I can count. But every time I felt like giving up, I just thought about my friend to give me the courage and motivation to press forward. I’m sure challenging times are ahead, but I think I’ll be okay.

The message behind Sugarbeets is straightforward. It’s about being prepared for the small stuff in life so you can be present in the moment and focus on the things that matter most. Life is way too precious and sacred to let the little things cause stress. Sugarbeets wouldn’t be possible without the inspiration from my dad, and for my dear friend who has forever challenged me to pursue life fully, no matter how scary.

kristen and dad

~Written by Kristen Mozian, founder of Sugarbeets. Please be sure to check out her website, visit and like the Sugarbeets Facebook Page. Thank you so much Kristen for your words of encouragement and for sharing with us the story behind the launch of your business.

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