Loss, Grief, Pain, Suffering, Life, and Plot Twists

Written By Enya Harris from Melbourne, Australia. Thank you Enya for your words ;)

Bars, alcohol, drugs, sex, sleep, and even television, are all distractions. After a relationship ends, there is a moment where there is no escape, just you and your emotions. Emotions so heavy they cause your heart to contract.

Your body begins to try and protect you. It sends out millions of unclear sensations, pains and feelings. Then your mind kicks in, “Hey, if you minus this situation from your relationship and add say a more favourable situation, you could be left with a pretty content present reality…” Ouch, f**k, “reality”. That thing that gurgled its dying breath this morning as I cracked open my first beer…

Truth be told, writing this, satisfies whatever reality I’m experiencing right now. Even though I’m riding a wave, and I’ve got no clue how deep the ocean is beneath me… That’s okay.

You see, I stopped writing when I became happy, or maybe lazy, or probably, maybe, both. Who needs an outlet when you’re not particularly upset? Feeling something, writing something, being someone. This is reality, and without plot twists life would be one boring fantasy.

Us happy people gotta stick together.

Giving won’t bring my mother back it will let someone else keep theirs. Please check out blood.ca to find a clinic and give.

Oh hello hi! Have a Happiness Experience you'd like to share? Well share it here by sending me an email (triciamariadm@gmail.com). AND after you've done that the paradigm of logic states you should like FindingFelicity on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/findingfelicityproject) Pretty please help me spread a smile, and some awareness. Muchos Gracias! Merci Beaucoup! 谢谢! 

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