~Soulfully Single~

Here are some lovely words from the inspiring Brittany Tasch. When I was but a young freshman or first year at Messiah College, Brittany was mine and about 20 other young ladies' first RA. She was our guide to understanding life starting somewhere new. She is such an encouragement! Thank you for your wonderful words Brittany. :)

I’ve been debating whether I should blog about this or not, but it has continued to weigh strongly on my heart for a few weeks now. And after a few conversations on the topic and a few feelings of others assuming I want certain things in life, I thought, hey why not. Perhaps I can reach the depths of a soul that may read this.

I am single. I am 28 and single. And it’s taken me a some time to get to a point of complete peace with this. I went through a series of broken relationships and mess-ups and trying to run from what I knew God was telling me deep within my soul (that perhaps He is calling me to a life or a very long season of single-hood and that He wants to use me because of that singleness). I found myself at a loss of not understanding God’s plan and not understanding why I had to be the one to take a different path in life (or so it seemed comparatively). I would get mad at God when none of my past relationships seemed to work out and would be so baffled especially when it seemed they would end only because of God’s divine intervention in my life because there were some relationships that God’s hand in it could be the only possible explanation for it’s time being done. I asked God why, when the world seemed to be placing these pressures on being at a certain point at certain times in a life, did my life have to look so different? I didn’t want that pressure to be so drastically different and seemingly more alone in my stage than most at my age of life.

But lately I have found a tremendous peace in choosing daily to not conform my thoughts to the pressures of society. The pressures to find someone, and in the meantime of trying to find that forever someone, to make sure I date around because not dating would be weird at my age right? The pressures to prepare myself for a future spouse, to keep myself pure for my future husband, because that’s the role it seems is so often emphasized for singles in the Christian world. And though the latter is beautiful and good, I have found that so often that becomes the emphasis, instead of maintaining an emphasis on seeking to be pure and pleasing to God simply because we love Him.

I am constantly told I’ll find someone and I often hear phrases of “oh, well when you find someone” or “I can’t wait until you finally meet someone.” And though those phrases don’t bother me one bit because they’re from people who just love me and want everything for me and because it truly is a want of my heart, I can’t help but feel my spirit speaking, “Well, what if God doesn’t want me to. What if that isn’t God’s desire for me.” And if I ever express that thought, I am told (again, with well-meaning and beautiful intentions) that those are natural thoughts in single-hood because it’s hard to see beyond our season. Yes, that’s absolutely true. But on a serious note, what if it isn’t God’s desire for me. Does that make my path any less beautiful, or any less pleasing to God?

N to the O! No!

We are relational beings. So naturally majority of people are going to wish and long for that deep connection with someone. And some will find that in a marriage/love relationship. Yet some will find that in family, in friends, in service, in other things. And that is JUST as beautiful and God-purposed. It’s so easy to see someone who is single and assume they are just life-wanderers, still figuring things out, not as mature. And that is so not the case. I believe God calls some to be married and some to be single. And this is all so incredibly purposed. Just as He blesses some marriages with children and keeps some without. Because He needs people at every stage and season of life to reach all the bazillion lost souls in the world in different stages and seasons of life. Because our primary purpose is to please God, to love God, and to let Him love us and use us to draw His people back to Himself. Because there is no rhyme or formula for this. Our soul purpose is Jesus. My soul purpose is Jesus. With and in single-hood. Not without marriage. It is always a with. Because every path of life is a gift it is something God chooses to give us, because He didn’t have to do that.

So yes, I am single. I am soulfully single – I have come to a place of completely loving it and will choose to love it forever if that’s what God has. Because I’d rather please Him than let societal pressures influence my journey. I am blessed with married friends, single friends, and all the others that fit into categories of their very own. And I learn from each and every one of them and wouldn’t be who I am without them and the role they play in my life. So yes, I am single, but more importantly than that, I am God’s creation and child. Let’s all stop defining ourselves and each other by our relationship status and our stage of life. Because we all need each other. And if we were all the same, that would just be so incredibly boring.

I want to be unapologetically God’s. That is the only way I ever want to be defined.

Lovely Brittany.


Have a look see at Brittany’s uplifting blog here.

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