Mine and my sisters' mother was quite literally the bees knees, cat's pyjamas, the peas to my father's carrots and the cherry on top of our family's sundae. A world of metaphors, clichés, colloquialisms won't describe how much she meant to us and to the people who knew her and loved her. Her memory won't pass, her love won't fade. We'll keep her alive in our hearts in the moments that are made.
Written and spoken at the passing of Tineke Demmers.
Tineke Demmers, April 1989. Where we get the hipster gene from…

Mom’s hand squeezes

Made you feel the amount

Of love she had to give.

Oh her smile

Made you understand

The life she loved to live.

Mama it’s thanks to you that we all love music and love to sing. I learned to harmonize because in every song you sang the descant, but you could reach those high notes.

Mama from you we learned to love deeply. Because you didn’t spare your love from anyone; people deserve to be loved.

Mama it’s thanks to you that we hug fiercely. Because you wrapped your arms around each of us so very tight.

Mama it’s thanks to you that I drink coffee slowly, carefully. Because you sipped your instant Nescafe and enjoyed it to the full.

Oh yes, and Mama, we all take so many photos now. Because at each family gathering you insisted on taking them, making them special and creating a memory.

Mama, dearest Mama, it’s thanks to you that each of us love to smile. Because you (pardon the cliché) lit up the room, the barn, the field, the car, the airport, with your oh so beautiful smile.

Mama, oh my lovely mother, it is thanks to you that today our hearts are full but they are breaking. Because you filled them and you are worth as many smiles, as many laughs, tears, hugs as there are stars in the universe.

Dearest Mama, it’s due to you and papa, that I tried anything ever and finished it. Because your favourite quote (from The Dish) was “the fear of failure is worse than the reality of regret,” and mama we all know how you loved those cheesy yet, oh so true one-liners…

Mom, we miss you.

We’ll love you for always and ever.

Us happy people gotta stick together.

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