~Like Geller

On a dance-walking session the other day, I was listening to my music and the song “Happy” by Pharrell Williams popped up and I let it go like Indina. I made it out of the drive-way with a little of my dignity left and a truck pulled out from a neighbour’s lane almost directly across from where I was breaking it down. The driver had seen it all, my whole routine-less routine and he shot me the biggest, beautiful smile I could ever hope to see.  I looked ridiculous but I smiled back at him, tossed in The Sprinkler and he started laughing as he drove past.


Or the willingness to be free. From what? From it all. You name it; let’s be free from it. Sometimes everything weighs down on a soul. Especially a soul who has the ultimate power to do a minimum amount of things. That’s the truth. But I don’t have to accept it. Do I? No.

I choose to be free from the fact that I’m one person and my voice might not be heard. I choose to shout anyway, to be affected but not infected by…whatever is going down. Have you ever tried that before? Shouting despite the fact that you might not be heard? It’s freeing. Like Josie Geller in Never Been Kissed is no longer Josie Grossie anymore. Like Sutter teaching Aimee how to swear in The Spectacular Now.

Freedom in any sense can mean happiness. And if there’s one thing that I have learned in a life’s quest for happiness (after all thats what everybody searches for) is that we have the power all along.

Captain Obvious checking in for duty.


Just to remind myself I’ve made a list…yes a list of 5 freeing thoughts coupled with a song or two to aid me in my pursuit of happiness. Hang tight:

1. Uncaring and caring. I’m not talking about blatant disregard. I mean the moment you decide that you don’t care what people think about you is the moment you begin to care about yourself and those who love you. Those people are the people who will understand, no matter what that you are real with them because you love them and you are real with them because you are a real person existing in reality. As for those remaining…you can take what they dole out. Cause you is a beast.

2. The  power of willful ignorance is unprecedented.  Once a person decides to discard it, they fly free from the norm; they aren’t flying with the flock of those who choose to walk with their eyes closed (nice metaphor hmmm?).The world will spin on and on with its problems if you let it.

3. Smiling unlearned can be learned. Happiness unlearned can be learned. Change is expected and it happens, you are a fluid concept. Who I was 3 years ago, compared to who I am now is a radically different person. The same goes for you as well. Neuroplasticity is your friend. We do not have to be confined to the boxes and routines we start out in. Each day is new.

4. Life is a cliche; you can make it the best or worst kind. It’s true that you only have one of it in stock, and it’s your choice to get stuck in the quick sand or not.  Regret and mistakes are inevitable just like the harsh truth of gravity. You might as well take a chance and do something. Or not. Its up to you.

5. Hardship is not relative. Hard is hard. That being said remember that everyone is going through something. You’re not alone.

One more for good measure and because Florence + The Machine is stellar:

After the truck fellow scene, I was dance-walking along and I happened to make it to the top of a hill, the urge to shout the word freedom was overpowering. So I did, Mel Gibson style. Scottish accent included. It felt amazing; yes the few neighbours who were there…they looked on in amusement. Like Geller after the magical brownie, maybe I have lost a few marbles; but what does that matter when my goal is to be insanely happy?

insanely happy
Dance-walking in action.

Us happy people gotta stick together.

I depend heavily on my family and my friends whom I ask  to send anything on happiness, or motivation, how they find it all in the name of life and being able to live it. I am very grateful to them for their participation. If you’d like to do so please…drop me a line.~FindingFelicity

Please check out blood.ca to find a clinic and donate.


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