Gracias, Merci, and 谢谢 Mr. Seinfeld ;)

Forgive the complete random-ness of this post but today I realized that my parents are huge Jerry Seinfeld fans. Hold the phone…I know a lot of people are Seinfeld fans ok. I’ve not been around until recently, so for me this is a huge discovery.

Why make it more difficult?
Why make it more difficult?

The parental units are all but obsessed with Jerry Seinfeld, the man, his show, the life he’s leading. Everything. Even though they are a tad late to jump the “band wagon” as my mom put it. Despite that, they are in love with him. He’s the bee’s knees or the best thing since sliced bread. You get the point.

“You know, and maybe I’m being painfully obvious here, but having someone who is funny and down-to-earth make you laugh, just makes it easier to make it through this tough stuff,” I said to mom over the phone this morning. “Well he certainly makes Papa and I laugh,” she replied. Oh yeah, well I can see that now. Papa, my father, literally guffaws through episodes of Comedians in Cars with Coffee and re-watches re-runs of everyone’s favourite show…I’m not talking about Friends.

Mr. Seinfeld, as I like to call him, provides that lovely buffer from the painful reality and I couldn’t be more thankful for that. I mean we all need to take our mind off of problems for a while and just have a good, hearty laugh. Laughter lets you live longer; extends your expiry date.

I could get into detail about the tough stuff we’re into, but really…everybody is going through a struggle. What you need to know; laughter is a saving grace. Maybe I’ll write a post on the science of laughter, but for now I’d like to just thank Mr. Seinfeld in the most cliché way possible, through this little post.

Hey, I’d call him, but I’m terrible at talking on the phone. My voice gets all shaky and my palms sweat. So now that you know that…

Gracias, Merci, and 谢谢 Mr. Seinfeld for making the parental units roll with laughter. It truly means the world.

Us happy people gotta stick together.

I depend heavily on my family and my friends who I ask  to send anything on happiness, motivation, how they find it all in the name of life and being able to live it. I am very grateful to them for their participation. If you’d like to do so please…drop me a line.~FindingFelicity

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