*Attention Likers* ;)

~It’s Official~

I am declaring this week (yes starting on a Wednesday) to be a Whimsical Week to focus on smiling and lifting your spirits. What better way to do that than by looking to the sky? And what’s in that sky? CLOUDS!

Here’s what I’m challenging you to do:


Step 1> pick a type of happiness

Step 2 > check the corresponding cloud to your type of happiness (there are so many types)

Step 3 > write the cloud name in your Facebook status update whenever you get this message and be also be sure to write #findingfelicity

Step 4> pass on the “whim” to 9 other lovely people.

Let’s spread smiles. 🙂

Yes…YOU! (wink wink, nudge nudge)

Here you go:

Blissful: Stratus

Which cloud are you? #findingfelicity

Delighted: Cirrocumulus

Pleasant: Stratocumulus

Upbeat: Cumulus

Ecstatic: Altocumulus

Contented: Altostratus

Brooding content genius (probably everyone): Cumulonimbus

Cheerful: Cirrocumulus

Exaltant (intoxicated…kidding): Cirrostratus

Flying high: Cirrus


Us happy people gotta stick together.

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OR take a gander here to listen to some sweet tunes from Maria, Jason and Sam.


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