Quirky Felicity: 7 Reasons to Show your Pearly Whites

*Spoiler Alert ~ This is a very cliché post, superbly cliché. 
                   Read it just the same.

It’s the most elusive thing, the most secretive, the difference between a happy disposition…and an unhappy one. The Smile. Of course! There are so many reasons to wear one, and yet we hardly see the constituents of the world deigning to do so! Hmm, there is a problem here.

Those 7 Reasons…

Whether or not you’re in that state of unmovable depression, or walking with a perpetual rain-cloud hanging over your head; here are some reasons, 7 of them, to put a smile on your face. I’m writing this both for you and for me. We all need reminders.

  1. Wearing a smile makes you happy; even when your world is crumbling to bits. There’s a thing called mind-body connection and a simple smile sends a message to your brain that you’re happy! Its true. And when you’re happy your body emits all sorts of “feel-good” endorphins. In 1872, Darwin postulated that changing our facial expressions can switch our emotional experience. He called this facial feedback response theory. A German study discovered that people felt happier when holding a pen clenched in their teeth imitating a smile. In other words expressions don’t result from moods, they influence them. Hmm…
  2. Smiling could help you live longer. Yep. It can extend your life span my friend. Smiling has been proven to improve heart health by decreasing your heart rate after and before stressful events. It can also lower blood pressure, decrease indigestion and regulate blood sugar. Interesting no?
  3. You’ll make someone else’s day. You’re gonna spread a little bit of happiness throughout humanity with your smile. I mean it.  Mother Teresa once said, “Let us always meet each other with a smile, for the smile if the beginning of love.” She also called a smile “a gift, a beautiful thing.” Fact, Mother Teresa was correct. Hewlett Packard found that see another’s smile stimulated the heart and brain more so than eating chocolate, having sex, or receiving money. Just wrap your head around that! Smiling may actually be contagious!! Let’s start a smiling pandemic.
  4. You wear a smile; you’re more attractive. I know fashion has the world sold on stone-cold expressions, but think about how you react to those people in real-time. You’d think they’re stone cold, right, you’re not so into being their friend. Or maybe you are…I don’t know really, I’m just writing here. But here are two facts. I am instantly more attracted to a person who smiles, and I am instantly more attractive when I smile. There you go.
  5. Want a job? Wear a smile. In an interview it’s not just about your suit and tie. Nope. I mean, I’m sure you look dapper. But you’ve also got to wear a smile. It’ll increase to other’s perception of you, for example the hiring official behind the desk and it’s been proven to win many an interviewee  the most coveted thing in our economy: an occupation.
  6.  It leads to laughter; which naturally leads to a six-pack. Duh. There are many health benefits to laughing. Yes it actually does burn calories and work out your abs that are hidden in there somewhere. Laughter also helps blood flow, lowers blood sugars and it improves sleep. There are studies now showing that smiling may increase infection-fighting antibodies and boost your immune system. So…Smile.
  7. Smiling. Feels. Good. ‘Nuff said.
  • Read more about smiling here.

So why not? It benefits you, your life, your health, those around you, their lives, their health. Why aren’t you smiling? Go ahead. Give it a try. Crack out those pearly or not-so pearly whites and see how you feel. Flash a smile to someone you love, or to someone you’ve never met. Why not eh?

Now watch this:

Smiling Yet?

Us happy people gotta stick together


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