Quirky Felicity: 7 Reasons For Authenticity

 “Moments are ephemeral. Will you spend them under a cloud, throwing shade or frowning? Or soaking up the sun, creating light and showing all your teeth in the widest grin?”


Description (…again)

  • Less thought; more feeling. Thought as an organic form isn’t negative, no. Over-thinking, however, can cause a person so see things that were never in actuality. Feeling is not all together positive either no. Relying too much on one’s feelings can cause rash decisions and impulsive actions. Thoughts are an part of FindingFelicity, but not in its entirety, neither is feeling. Seek the amalgamation of the two. And that is for you to discover, it cannot be dictated here, after all you are your own individual aren’t you?
  • Less logic; more magic. The excitement of reality making sense combined with the spark of the unreal. That balance between the two. What will you call it?
  • Science. Yes science. Laura Kubzansky, Harvard School of Public Health associate professor  of society, human development and health states that “It looks like a benefit of positive mental health that goes beyond the fact that you’re not depressed. What that is still a mystery. But when we understand the set of processes involved, we will have much more insight into how health works.” She also states that to find fulfillment we need to find a way to be in the moment.  http://www.hsph.harvard.edu/news/magazine/happiness-stress-heart-disease/

7 Reasons Why It’s Authentic

  1. Typical. Of course. We’ll post those roses and bunnies, oh yeah and those typography photos. Sometimes simplicity kicks a**. Anyways aren’t all happiness projects based on a cliché premise?
  2. Blunt. Blam! Instead of pretending to be different, pretending to be the answer in your quest for purpose. The authenticity is in how we know there are others out there. No no…We’re also not putting those other happiness ventures down, they’re the cup of tea for some and not for others.
  3. Catalyst. Spark ($%^&*!) Give you that little push/punch/slap/splash of ice-cold water to get you off your duffer and moving forward. In other words; motivation.
  4. Aberration.  Hey look over here!! The day-to-day, minute-to-minute can beat you up pretty badly, sometimes you’ll need to take your mind off of the monotony (especially when it get monotonous) of “it all”. Come here to remember that happiness is better than all of that hoopla. We’re that women’s base-ball team and the movies in the 1930s aka a distraction.
  5. An exhilaration. Gulp. Let’s get animated! Harness that feeling of your stomach in your mouth when you climb to the tip top of the roller-coaster and then soar down into that valley of resolute bliss.
  6. Intentional. You have this aspiration inside you, why not give it wings? What gave you the idea that you couldn’t reach this that and the other? Your dreams are your own, I’m not a mind reader, I just want to be a (pardon the cliché) small arrow pointing you in the right direction.
  7. Identity. Kubzansky also states that to find fulfillment we need to find a way to be in the moment. That, dear buddy, can only be done once you can put your own carbon print on what you’re reading, watching or listening to here. Once you delve to give what you’re searching for a name you’ll be able to lose yourself within it. I’ve called it FindingFelicity, but you’ve got to call it something that resonates with you. Make sense?

Okay now watch this:

Smiling yet?

Us happy people gotta stick together.


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