*Music Quietens

A Random Beijing Morning

(About 3 months ago…)

I wake up to the sound of my alarm, an incessant beeping. I hit the buzzer and lower the volume. I’m “awake”, swing my legs over the bed and place my feet on the cold tile. The slight shock of the temperature causes me to grit my teeth. I consider hiding from the day under my comfortable covers, but responsibility keeps me moving forward to the washroom for the morning routine (follow me on Instagram for those lovely segments).

I get to the sink, place my hands on either side of it and let my head just hang there. A deep sigh exits my mouth. A list forms in my brain of everything I have to do before I get to my office and sit at my desk to complete my “oh-so-important” work.

Its work that must be done. If it isn’t done… then time will stop, love will cease to exist and the numbers in my bank account won’t increase; the world economy will crash and burn.

To put it mildly.


Pointless reasons stop you from following inspiration, meeting people, trying new things, ultimately these reasons blind you from happiness. Ultimately they keep you from taking the chance and feeling exhilarated because you must be practical, you should make the “right” decisions and follow conventions. Don’t get me wrong, there is power in practicality.


I’ve learned over the past few months that statements which cause waiting are harmful to my state of being. Samuel Beckett once said that we are always “waiting”. Waiting to graduate, waiting to find a job, waiting for inspiration, waiting for the break, waiting to love. But why? I wonder. Is it just the human condition to settle and be okay with waiting? Or deep down inside are we willing to take life by the proverbial balls and actually do something.

A Felicity Moment

I adore this Disney animated short. You have a man in a Fight Club mentality. Until he meets the unknown, and begins to feel. No longer a zombie.

I know, I know…this is nothing new, and you’d be right. Mayhaps (this is not a word I know) this post is riding on the coat-tails of earlier genius philosophers and writers.

You’ve read things like this before and I’m wrong because you’re entirely happy with how your life is shaping up. But think realistically, this is your life. Now. Now is your life. Right now. That wind you feel is actually brushing against your cheek. This is reality. This is your life and as Rose Tremain says; “it’s not a dress rehearsal.”

You’re on stage. Don’t regret moments, days, weeks. Regret wastes time. What’s this got to do with felicity and finding it? Well…for me its a gentle poke in the ribs toward making life my version of “the greatest performance.” And that way when the music quietens…


Comment, Share and Keep Smiling. ~FindingFelicity

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