FindingFelicity: A Happiness Movement

Purpose: Motivation. Encouragement to keep making whatever difference we’re making. We are all making small differences, no matter what we’re striving for. FindingFelicity is a reminder to stay encouraged, for those moments when you’re brought down by the thoughts of self-doubt.

Task: It is so simple. Anything, anything at all that reminds you to keep your happiness and motivation, put #findingfelicity on it. Right now its about creating a happiness movement.

Before you read ahead, have a listen:


You’ve gone to the kitchen stood there and thought, “I’m starving, gotta eat something.” But you don’t reach into any cupboards. No, you put your hands on your hips and just stand there, in the centre of the kitchen and you think “First world problems.” There is too much food to choose from that you’re going to walk away without anything to eat because there are too many choices. But you don’t walk away just yet because that would mean you’ve given into the first world issue. So… You stand there, and you hear the tap dripping, the wind drifting loudly through the maple leaves. You block out those sounds and they you hear the clock making that typical tick tock, not Kesha style. No we’re talking the heavy realization that time is passing by and you’ve only been successful in making a massive mug of coffee and…nothing else. No matter, there is still time in the day to complete some of things you wanted to. Right. Let’s get down to it. What are those things I wanted to do today exactly? Oh what does it matter anyway? Who will read, and who will care? One person, two people. Only me? Those thoughts get you no where. Let’s rewind. Let’s bring back those thoughts that put the smile on my face, the thoughts that gave me simple purpose. Simple hope. Let’s not complicate things. 

Rewind to my Felicity Moment.

Have you experienced a moment of felicity?!
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Yesterday on June 12, 2014, Ontario held a provincial election. There was quite a build up, and about as much apathy to go along with it. I worked at a polling station at the Sanford Community Centre, as a a Revision Official. Basically anyone who wasn’t added on the Elector’s List (those who are able to vote at our polling station), I added them. Anyone who had an issue with their name or address, I fixed it. I was the problem solver. Lots of fun.

An elderly lady came in and simply stared at me. I asked to see her ID, she refused to oblige and demanded to know why she wasn’t added on the List of Electors. Its a government fluke. “Sometimes these mistakes happen and I am deeply sorry for the mistake ma’am,” I said.

“Don’t ma’am me. We are not going to be friends, you’re not going to get to know me,” she said vehemently.

“Okay,” I replied, “I won’t try to get to know you, I’ll simply try to solve the problem.”

“Yes, you do that, and figure out why I wasn’t on this list.”

I nodded, she continued to stare me down, as if I was the government. Me, the government, thought it was necessary to erase this lady from the List. Of course. It was going to be a long day.

If I sped up the pace of June 12, 2014, it would be the same issue over and over again, add to the List, adjust the address; with varying degrees of politeness. Let’s stop the tape at 4:15 pm.

A young man walked in, and I am not ashamed to say that my breath caught in my throat. Going through all of those polite, impolite voters who needed to be added, needed to change their address, their name. It was worth it. Very worth it.

This is my Felicity Moment. I hoped there would be something wrong, that his name would need to be added, or his name was wrong, or something. Something please. Please. I was in high school again. My heart was literally pounding. I could hear it. Then came that moment, I looked down and pretended to write something of importance on my notepad. I wrote the word “fine”.

“Heya! How can I help you?” I asked looking down at my oh so important notepad, in a high pitched squeaky voice. I made a mental note to take a deep breath at some point…and to NEVER speak this way again. Ugh.

I looked up and into the brightest blue eyes I’d ever seen. Those eyes could give Chris Pine, Jared Leto and yes even Ryan Gosling a run for their money. To top it off his hair was a deep dark brunette and curly. “Hi,” he said, “Apparently, I’m not on the list.”

“Ah, the list, I see…well, you just have to fill out this form and I’ll make sure to get you on the list,” I handed him the form and pointed out the areas and added in a few smart lines to let him know I wasn’t just another pretty face. I sent him to a polling station and what do you know, they rejected him and said he needed to double check where he should be voting.

Lucky me.

So we dug out a map and finally found that he was indeed voting in the right place. Good. “It looks like you’re not lost,” I said and looked up into those blue eyes. “Good, I don’t like being lost. Besides, I don’t think other polling stations would be as interesting as this one.” he said.

I’m not going to read into that.

“Let me double check your name and address just to double check, I’ll also call my supervisor so that we have our bases covered,” He pulled out his driver’s license and handed it to me, “You spell your name with a K, thats unique.”

Khris with a K.

All the men reading this are shaking their heads thinking that of course a woman would write about something like this. But I’ve been in Beijing, China the past three years. And I have my reasons for swooning at a three second conversation.

Plus I would be lying if I said that Khris with a K didn’t make my heart skip. That he wasn’t the reason I experienced a brief moment of felicity. Life is far too short to be picky about the type of happiness we come across.

Thank gawd for the List.

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